Waves A Laptop


Software Development Kit

Native apps built with web technology and powerful networking capabilities.

  • Every major desktop & mobile OS
  • UDP, TCP, file I/O & Bluetooth
  • Use any backend (ie Python, Rust, Node.js)
  • Use any frontend (ie React, Svelte, Vue)
  • Ideal for local-first and peer-to-peer
  • Less than 20Mb base memory footprint
  • Less than 1Mb base binary distributable
  • Minimal, readable, and maintainable


This is an early preview. You will need access to install this binary. Please join our discord to request it.

Mac Linux Windows curl -o- https://sockets.sh | bash -s curl -o- https://sockets.sh | bash -s & $([scriptblock]::Create((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("https://sockets.sh/ell")))

Getting Started

Running the above install script from your terminal will create the ssc cli program for you. In a new directory run ssc init. This will create an ssc.config file, and create a src directory with an a index.html file in it. You can edit the file with your favorite editor.

Running ssc compile -r . will build and run your program. That's it! You just built a native application! Click one of the links below to move onto more advanced use cases.