A modern runtime for Web Apps

Build Native Apps For Desktop & Mobile Using HTML, CSS, & JavaScript


This software is in ALPHA. Check the arguments for the install script. Join us on the Dogfood p2p app using this link (if your browser complains, it means you don't have Dogfood installed), or join our discord.

Mac Linux Windows curl -s -o- | bash -s curl -s -o- | bash -s & $([scriptblock]::Create((New-Object Net.WebClient).DownloadString("")))

Getting Started

Running the above install script from your terminal will create the ssc cli program for you. In a new directory run ssc init. This will create an ssc.config file, and create a src directory with an a index.html file in it. You can edit the file with your favorite editor.

Running ssc compile -r . will build and run your program. That's it! You just built a native application! Click one of the links below to move onto more advanced use cases.