Config File

Each project needs a ssc.config file in the root direcrory. This is a plain text file with key-value property pairs. The file also supports comments.

# This is a comment
foo: bar
quxx: beep boop

# another comment
animals: cats, dogs, bears

Cross-Platform Properties

Property Required Default Description
build Shell command to build an application
bundle_identifier A unique ID that identifies the bundle (used by all app stores).
copyright A string that gets used in the about dialog and package meta info.
debug_flags Advanced Compiler Settings for debug purposes (ie C++ compiler -g, etc).
description A short description of the app
env An array of environment variables, separated by commas
executable check The name of the file to be output.
flags Advanced Compiler Settings (ie C++ compiler -02, -03, etc).
height The initial height of the first window
input A directory is where your application's code is located
lang en-us Localization
maintainer A String used in the about dialog and meta info.
name check The name of the program
output check dist The binary output path. It's recommended to add this path to .gitignore.
revision 1 TODO: maybe the user doesn’t need to know about this?
title The initial title of the window (can have spaces and symbols etc).
version check A string that indicates the version of the application. It should be a semver triple like 1.0.0
width The initial width of the first window


Property Required Default Description
win_cmd The command to execute to spawn the “back-end” process.
win_icon The icon to use for identifying your app on Windows.
win_logo The icon to use for identifying your app on Windows.
win_pfx A relative path to the pfx file used for signing.
win_publisher The signing information needed by the appx api.


Property Required Default Description
linux_categories Helps to make your app searchable in Linux desktop environments
linux_cmd The command to execute to spawn the “back-end” process.
linux_icon The icon to use for identifying your app in Linux desktop environments.
linux_forward_console_to_stdout false A boolean that determines if WebKit WebView logs should get forwarded to stdout and stderr

macOS and iOS

Property Required Default Description
apple_team_id The team ID needed for MacOS and iOS distribution and development


[macOS code signing guide][/guides/#macos-1]

Property Required Default Description
mac_appstore_icon Mac App Store icon
mac_category A category in the App Store
mac_cmd The command to execute to spawn the “back-end” process.
mac_icon The icon to use for identifying your app on MacOS.


[iOS code signing guide][/guides/#ios-1]

Property Required Default Description
ios_codesign_identity Indicates the identity to be used for signing.
ios_distribution_method The distribution method (ad-hoc, etc.)
ios_provisioning_profile A path to the provisioning profile used for signing iOS app.
ios_provisioning_specifier A provisioning specifier used for signing iOS app.
ios_simulator_device Which device to target when building for the simulator. The list of available devices: xcrun simctl list devicetypes


Property Optional Default Description